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Philip Young has more than 30 years experience at a senior level in litigation, representing clients across a wide range of the law including insurance and compensation, commercial, employment, building and construction and strata disputes.

Philip holds degrees in Commerce and Law from the University of NSW, and began his career in insurance law in 1984, working in one of Australia’s largest legal firms in Sydney in workers compensation defence litigation.

He relocated to Newcastle in 1985 and since that time has acted for both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of insurance and commercial cases across many industries nationally as well as in NSW.

Some of Philip’s cases have included:

  • Acting for a major Australian insurer in the Newcastle Workers Club earthquake litigation, including pursuing a multi million dollar recovery action and defending dozens of catastrophic claims
  • Advising a general insurer on policy coverage in the $300 million Japan/American beef export litigation
  • Acting for insurers in many truck and bus collision recovery and catastrophic claims
  • Acting for major government departments in many psychological claims, including cases arising from investigations following the Wood Royal Commission into paedophilia
  • Acting in significant claims concerning structural failure of bridges, cranes, buildings, drilling rigs and general infrastructure
  • Advising a national insurer on the implications of the liquidation of HIH Insurance, including the effect on co-insurance and reinsurance arrangements
  • Acting for an insurer concerning recovery and reinsurance issues concerning a major explosion
  • Acting for a large chemical company in a Products Liability claim against underwriters concerning alleged product recall of fruit destined for the Japanese market
  • Acting for a large trucking company in alleged environmental protection breaches in the fumigation of State Forests timber bound for overseas markets
  • Acting for a liability insurer of a diesel fuel injection company in Supreme Court litigation heard over 17 days.
  • Acting for insurers in strategic projects aimed at enabling early return to work
  • Specific insurance projects have included commutation projects, industrial deafness, informal resolution and costing.
  • Acting for an Australian manufacturer in issues concerning passing off of its products by a competitor in overseas markets;
  • Advising several rural and manufacturing families on appropriate asset protection and estate planning documentation.
  • Acting for overseas insurance syndicates in defence of local government civil litigation claims in NSW and in other overseas syndicates for defence of crane and earthmoving personal injury claims in NSW and Queensland.
  • Acting for insurers concerning cross-jurisdictional issues with respect to compulsory third party and workers compensation insurance as between NSW and Victoria.
  • Acting for a CTP insurer in defence of significant motor accidents litigation including quadriplegic, paraplegic, brain damage and fatality cases.
  • Acting for self insurers in the steel industry in the defence of workers compensation and common law claims for more than 25 years.
  • Acting for a public liability insurer in the defence and ultimately settlement of major litigation concerning an explosion and significant life threatening burns to children.
  • Acting for insurers in the defence and resolution of property damage and personal injury occurring from the collapse of a bridge under construction on a national highway.
  • Acting for insurers in respect of multiple personal injury claims arising from injury caused to workers during a cyclone.
  • Appearing at the Coronial Inquest into the Newcastle Earthquake on behalf of insurers of a hotel which collapsed causing fatalities

Philip was one of the “first intake” of Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law in NSW. He retained this position for over 25 years and has spoken at numerous seminars concerning legal developments in insurance and personal injury law.

Philip was appointed as an Arbitrator of the Workers Compensation Commission of NSW in February 2017 and held that role until the establishment of the Personal Injury Commission of NSW on 1 March 2021. Since 1 March 2021 and continuing he has been appointed as a Member of the Workers Compensation Division and also a Member of the Motor Accidents Division of the Personal Injuries Commission of NSW.

Philip has also conducted training for Solicitors and claims officers in subjects as diverse as Insurance Contract issues, Civil Liability Act, Workers’ Compensation Act amendments, practice and procedure, motor litigation, estate planning, professional indemnity and recoveries.

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